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Hot Mill

  • MaterialAluminium and its alloys of all series
  • Slab thickness300~650 mm (After surface milling)
  • Slab width900~2100 mm
  • Slab length3500~6000 mm
  • Finish product thickness 4~10 mm(single stand with two recoilers) 2 mm (minimum, second phase: 1stand plus 4 stands continuous hot mills)
  • Coil O.D.2400 mm (Max.)
  • Rolling force4000T
  • Rolling torqueNominated 2500/1040 KN·m 225% per minute: 5625/2340 KN·m
  • Line speed0~100/240 m/min
  • Main motor2×2~2240 Kw
  • Equipment Technological Speed

  1. Detailed information

North China Heavy Machinery designed and manufactured the 1 plus 4 stands continuous hot mill of  Φ930×2350/Φ1500×2250 mm - Φ750×2350/Φ1500×2250 mm for Weifang Sanyuan Aluminium Co., Ltd. After several passes of roughing and reversing rolling to achieve the strip of medium thickness of 15-40 mm,and then 1-4 passes of continuously hot rolling,the hot mill rolls the heated and surface milled aluminium ingot into final coils of thickness 2-18 mm, providing good quality stock with high performance for cold mill.

North China Heavy Machinery has mastered the design, manufacture and control technology of the core units of international modern hot continuous rolling mill, which can provide customers with advanced technology and economic equipment and perfect service.

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